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This page is for everyone to help other Kahlers find information that is proving elusive:
Last update:  02 MAY 2001

Looking for information on Charles Lea Kahler. He was born August 29, 1917.
He was married to Katherine Triplett and two children, Marion and Roger, were
born from this marriage.  

He was married to Mary Jane Trotter and two children, Bonnie and Michael, were
born from this marriage.  He was supposedly married to Geraldine (maiden name unknown)
in 1964 in Yuma Arizona.  (no record has been found of this marriage)
No children are known at this time from that marriage.

His mother's name was Ruth Arnett Kahler Jones.  His father's name is unknown.
His stepfather's name was Charles L. Jones.  He died on July 16, 1991.

I would like to know more about my father's life, who my actual grandfather was,
and trace the family's history.  Any help would be more than appreciated.

Bonnie Kahler Marks  (Teach26380@aol.com)

Please take a look at this picture of a church book page from a Lutheran
church in Zahrensdorf (bei Boizenburg) in what used to be Mecklenburg-Schwerin.
The date is Sept. 3, 1809.  The mother of my direct line ancestor is Carolina
Louisa Dorothea Kähler.

Why is this of interest?  Simple - I've run into a road block with my direct
line.  The man in question, Johann Joachim Bölle, shows up in Zahrensdorf in
9/1809 for the birth of his son Carl.  He is still there on December 26, 1810
when Carolina Kähler dies.  He then disappears.

Carl ends up in Reppentin, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, and is married in 1834.
The notation says that Johann is dead by then.

Neither Johann nor Carl appear in the 1819 census taken in Mecklenburg-Schwerin.   

So - I hope to trace Johann back via Carolina.  If I can determine where she
is born, I can likely determine where she married Johann etc. and perhaps
push my research back another generation.
Don Boell (DON_BOELL@HP-ColSprings-om1.om.hp.com)
Looking for information on Joseph Kahler, Born June 15, 1883 in Odessa, Russia.
His father was Phillip Kahler and His mother was Barbera Burkard, we know he
came to the states when he was you but he came with a brother and a sister.
Her name was Katherine Pool. He lived all his live in Kansas after coming to the
states. He married in Victoria, Kansas and is buried in Park, Kansas. That is all
the information I have been able to find on my Grandfather, would like to know
when he became a Citicen and at what age he came to this country.
Mary L. Koch (Idaknow@worldnet.att.net)

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